KUNSTBÜRO is self-explanatory.

Eight artists from Hannover:
35 % painting
20 % installation
15 % photography
10 % sculpture
10 % video
10 % text

undogmatic and autonomous

Kunstbüro Requires an Explanation

KUNSTBÜRO is a union of artists from Hannover who have been active in the local art scene and beyond for years. The disciplines represented are painting, sculpture, video, photography, graphic art and text.

KUNSTBÜRO observes, gains impressions and discusses events of the day. In doing so, critical comments as well as timeless aesthetics play an equal part.

KUNSTBÜRO realizes its concepts in both group as well as solo exhibitions, while the pluralism of the group serves as the basis for a wide spectrum of ideas.

The exhibition themes are not intended to be rigid guidelines for the artists' works, rather they are meant to stimulate free and open association.

The actions and exhibitions by KUNSTBÜRO are on principle not bound to a particular location. We are on a constant search for new opportunities and spaces for the presentation of our artistic work.