vom 15. Juni bis zum 13. Juli 2003

on the KUNSTBÜRO exhibition at Kubus Hannover

To be able to wait, be patient, endure: these are not very bad ways and means of surviving if we are not well. To use Rilke's words: "Who speaks of victory? Survival is everything." But survival is sometimes something like a triumph. Or to return to my introduction, to Venice, to the 50th Biennial, whose works are so obviously founded in fears of all kinds, private and personal as well as collective and general fears. The belief in truths that have been revealed, in transcendental truths, the belief in a higher being and existence—in our current age, this belief, which finds concrete expression in the cult, seems to have been largely lost.
What has survived—and most of the works represented here also show this—are rituals. The ritual is, so to speak, the younger—more modest—brother of the cult. And the ritual also helps soothe our fear. It helps us to structure our lives. It is the preventative par excellence against the unexpected. It may sometimes appear boring because its essence is repetition. And thus the ritual is not artistic at all. I admit! And yet it is the expression of the applied art of life.

Michael Stoeber